Playtime for Toddlers: The Role of Modern Age Technology

The life of a baby and toddler is and should be filled with play. Playtime helps them develop all the cognitive and physical skills they need is a human. As a parent, you should provide special Playtime Baby Shoes. These shoes should be sturdy and fit properly so your kid can run around and play without bother. Besides playing outside, more and more kids spend their time playing with their technology powered toys. This has become quite common. Let’s discuss the impact of technology in kids playtime below.

Technology for Toddlers

The world we live in today is overrun by technology. You can barely get anything done without technology. Is technology takes over every aspect of our lives, the kids are not left out. Research has shown that toddlers spend an average of three hours a day staring at screens such as TVs, smartphones, tablets etc. Most toddlers even spend more than three hours if there’s no outside activity incorporated into their after-school time.

The older children get, the more time they spend looking at a screen is they become more skilled with it and are allowed more screen time by their parents. Parents use tables to keep their kids entertained while traveling and a lot let kids have their phone and tablets during meals and even before bed. Screen time before bed is a bad idea is it disturbs the brain and makes the kids not fall asleep on time.

When kids spend a lot of time with gadgets, they get addicted and this can be quite troublesome. They can’t focus on anything else and countdown till when they can watch tv or play with their phones, tablets, or video games. Children under five years old have an uncanny knack for knowing how to master new technology. From tv remotes to tablet computers and game consoles, it is not unusual to see toddlers intuitively swiping screens and confidently pressing buttons.

Despite the many disadvantages that arise from toddlers having too much screen time, these gadgets can be turned into a positive experience for kids by incorporating a positive learning experience for them. Research from the University of Wisconsin, presented at a meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development has found that children aged between two and three were more likely to respond to video screens that prompted children to touch them than to a video screen that demanded no interaction.

Also, there are educational games for kids that are designed specifically to foster learning for kids. With interactive games, it becomes more real and the more familiar it felt from a two-year-old’s perspective. Kids who are interacting with the screen learn faster, get better at different subjects much faster,  and make fewer mistakes.

Heather Kirkorian, assistant professor in human development and family studies at the  University of Wisconsin, carried out the research and says touch screens could hold educational potential for toddlers.

“Kids who are interacting with the screen get better much faster, make fewer mistakes and learn faster. But we’re not turning them into geniuses, just helping them get a little more information.”

Different Types of Tablets for Kids

Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon continues to revolutionize every industry it goes into. The Amazon tablet for adults come highly recommended and so does the tablet for kids. The Amazon Fire kids Edition Is physically strong which is a good quality to have is kids can be quite clumsy. An Amazon fire tablet might look like an iPad but it’s quite different and has many great features the iPad can not boast of. The Fire Tablet has kids focused on software that you can fine tune and set to fit your kids’ needs.  

For example, the Amazon’s FreeTime service gives you access to a wide array of Amazon-approved kid-friendly content including books, movies, and TV shows. In addition to having parental controls, which help you fine-tune how your child can use the tablet, your purchase comes with a two-year warranty If your kid gets bored of FreeTime content, they do have access to apps through the App Store, which includes some games and content apps like Netflix.

The Osmo

The Osmo is more of an accessory but also helps and aids kids with learning while uses a tablet. The Osmo itself is a small reflector that you place over an iPad’s front-facing camera. The camera is now pointing downward and can detect your child interacting with different Osmo accessories, like blocks that go along with different Osmo activities and games that take place within apps. The Osmo teaches kids critical skills about creativity and critical thinking skills. The Osmo provides activities that strengthen skills in different subjects at a young age such as maths, English, science, object placement etc.


The Nintendo hardware is very strong and it’s a great option for kids who like to play lots of games. The Nintendo 2DS is capable of playing any game in the DS and 3DS library, and older games via Nintendo’s Virtual Console. Because of how strong and sturdy it is, it will not break when it’s dropped or when it falls (which is bound to happen is kids are involved). It doesn’t have hinges which are a great child proof feature. It has a large menu and catalog of software that you and your child can choose from. The Nintendo is child-friendly and so offers options that the kids will love.